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From the Lazy Geisha - Damp Silk

About From the Lazy Geisha

Previous Entry From the Lazy Geisha Oct. 9th, 2006 @ 10:43 am Next Entry

You tell me to turn over and lift my ass. I do as I’m told, arching my back down low as I burry my head in the pillows and grab handfuls of sheets, lifting my ass high and parting my legs just enough to show you my swollen pussy and my tight pink asshole. The lube feels cold as you spread it over my skin and sink a finger into my ass. You push in deep, forcing the lube inside me until I’m slick and slippery. You tease my ass with your finger, stretching me open, getting me ready, softening the blow to my body. You fuck me with your finger, adding more lube each time you take it out, until you’re able to fit two inside me. I’m already starting to moan, it feels so good, my consciousness already altered by the cocaine and now the pleasure of your fingers probing and stretching my ass. What are you doing to me? I start to rock back and forth against your hand, it’s such a primal and instinctual response, this desire to be fucked this way. The intensity of this pleasure is almost too much, and finally I cry out and beg for your cock.

I feel your hands slide up along my hips as your fingers dig into my flesh, gripping me tight as you force me to open my legs wider. My ass is throbbing with the pulse of my body. I feel my heart beating in the soft flesh of my slippery asshole and I again beg you to fuck me. You empty a small pile of cocaine onto my ass and snort it off my flesh before your hands grab onto my body and guide me towards you. Your cock feels like iron as the head pierces my ass. You slowly start to push inside me, gently rocking back and forth as my body yields and opens for you. I feel you spread the lube over your cock moments before your arm tightly wraps around my waist and you thrust forward, stretching me completely open, sinking your iron cock all the way inside me. I gasp and cry out and sink my face into the pillow, my mouth opens and my teeth gnash into the cotton as you start to fuck me, pushing all the way into me until I feel your balls crushing into my skin. You fuck me with long hard deliberate strokes, taking my ass at will. I move with you as you fuck me, rocking my body back to meet your thrusts in a steady rhythm.

Your hands slide up along my back and grab onto my shoulders, and you pull me up as you rest back onto your knees. I sit in your lap and lean my body up against your chest and I can feel every inch of your cock throbbing inside my ass. My flesh quivers and twitches around your cock as the wild throes of ecstasy overtake me. You lift me with each upward thrust of your hips, fucking my ass without mercy. I reach with my arm around you and grab the back of your neck, holding onto you as I slide up and down on your raging cock. I can’t hold this, I can’t hold onto you, I feel as if I’m going to collapse back down to the bed. The sweat pours from my body, my heart races and pounds in my chest from the heat of our flesh. Your arms wrap around me and hold me tight against you, finding my hand, our fingers clasp together as you guide my fingers between my legs and grind against my clit.

My fingers furiously begin to rub my clit as you hold my hand tight, moving it up and down against my engorged bead of flesh, swollen, hard, raw… how many times can you make me come? Again? The pressure builds from deep within my body, my skin feels like it’s electric as my orgasm starts to build. Your hips gyrate as you move your cock in and out of my ass as I move my hand harder and faster against my pussy. I cry out to God and beg to come. You release my hand and slide yours up over my belly to my breast. Your fingers circle my nipple, your hips are moving faster, your cock is pounding me harder as you slip your finger into the ring in my nipple and turn it hard – sending jolts through my body as I stiffen and explode in a thunderous crescendo of orgasm.

I fall to the bed and slip into near unconsciousness. Your cock is still deep in my ass and you take control. I’m a useless ragdoll now… I submit. I surrender my flesh to you. It’s yours. Fuck me baby. Fuck my ass until you come deep inside me.

I’m yours.

The candle flickers. The flame silently fades away. The shadows are gone. The lights of Paris slip in past the drapes as I pull your arm tighter around me. I have surrendered to the night. I have surrendered to you. I have surrendered myself.

And I smile… one last time tonight as I close my eyes and drift off to sleep.      http://www.lazygeisha.com/ 
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Date:October 26th, 2006 03:06 am (UTC)

experienced RP


If you're interested in some *good* RP with a 25m get in touch.

Take care,

--> Lassard
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