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» great entry, lazy geisha

there is a wonderful picture accompanying this entry on one of our favourite blogs...

I hear you rummaging through the drawer in the nightstand next to the bed, but I can’t see what you’re doing. I can only wait… and trust.

I feel your fingers slide under the fabric and brush against my skin as you slowly pull my bikinis down over my ass and down around my knees. I’m at your mercy as your fingers begin to explore me, sliding into my cunt, so wet, so tight, so hot. I relax my body as you plunge into me again and again, sliding the hot slippery juices all over me, teasing me as I spread myself across your legs. Nothing is off limits, no part of my body is ever ignored by you, not ever, not now.

The cool liquid slides down over my ass as you massage it into my skin, pushing it deep inside me. I gasp and bite my lip as your finger slides into my ass; my body responds with a maddening pulse as I lift myself higher to meet you, demanding more, craving everything you want to do to me. I close my eyes and squirm against you as your arm wraps around me and holds me still. I feel the cool steel along the back of my legs as you slide it down the inside of my thigh; a ripple moves through my body as I adjust to the sensations, my cunt is quivering, my nipples are rock hard and pleading for your touch, my ass… you slide your finger out of me and continue to stroke my body with the cold steel, inching it up between my legs until you push it into my ass, forcing me open with the cold steel plug. I cry out as you penetrate me, holding me still with one arm, while your other hand slowly works the plug inside me. I relax my body, your reassuring whispers settle me, your thumb twirls around my clit as I endure the paradox of pleasure and pain you’re giving me.

You slide my bikinis back up around me and set me on the bed with he plug still buried deep inside my ass. I curl up into a ball as waves of pleasure wash over me. I feel so alive, so beautiful, so amazingly raw and carnal, consumed with the desire to fuck and be fucked, to touch, to taste, to come, and come, and come.

I watch you as you stand at the edge of the bed looking down at me. I feel as if I’m an animal as I tear and pull at your clothes, pulling you down to the bed as I slide your shorts off and engulf your cock in one hard swallow, sucking your rigid flesh harder and harder, my mouth stretched wide open by your cock, your hand holding the back of my head, forcing me down – I don’t care. I want all of you. I want your entire cock in my throat. I want to suck your cock until you come in my mouth. I want all of you.

Every inch of my flesh is electrified, alive, on fire. I clench around the hot steel plug and lift my ass in the air, rocking back and forth as if it were a cock filling me as I suck you off. I look up into your eyes… do you see what I see? Is that look now in my eyes? Is this what you wanted to see?

» ah, summer refreshment!

» Desire X

Bringing her face close to mine she looks into my eyes and can see that payback is hers to enjoy. That's Ok with me. "Its my turn now, lover." Straightening back up, a giant drop of our mingled come drips onto my face, "Open your mouth, lover." It's my turn to obey.

I love her taste and lift up my head and fasten my mouth onto her pussy, letting my tongue explore her secret place. She is sweet, her taste reinforcing a still-hard cock, and recharging my balls for another round.

She shuffles back down, leaving a glistening trail down my chest, then my belly. Raising up, she impales herself on me. With several strokes, she lifts off and replaces her hot and wet cunt with her mouth. "Don't move" she commands. I'm frozen in place and only there for her desire. She picks up my feet and puts them beside my hips, opening up my ass for her pleasure.

Walking to the nightstand, she gets a slim dildo and a condom. Deftly putting the condom over the toy, she walks over and grabs my cock and starts to furiously stroke me. Then reaching between her legs, she takes three wet fingers and annoints my ass and inserts a finger, lubricating the inside of me. She inserts the dildo inside her pussy then I feel it at the entrance to my ass. "Relax, lover, this will only hurt for a moment." With a short stroke, it's inside my body and she works it ever more deeply inside me with one hand and the other is stroking my cock. When she pushes it inside me, another drop comes out of my cock in an endless march of emission, an endless number of strokes.

"Do you like me to fuck your pussy, lover?" All I can do is nod, I am captive, freely held under her spell.

She climbs onto me, head to tail so I can lick her pussy some more. In just a short time, her orgasm floods my face and I drink doubly her erotic dew.

Her lips are devouring my cock, I can't help myself and come again. Some come is dribbling off her chin when she turns and kisses me. My face is hot. She has marked me more deeply than any mark, any burning brand, can do.

We are slick with sweat, sticky with come, satisfied in desire.

She finishes undressing and we crawl under the covers together, naked, no secret between us. We are cleansed.

» Yes Master
A very hot post on gentlygently

The tongue was then removed and she felt something being smeared over her anus, something nice and warm, but very slippery, and while she was thinking about that, she felt something cold and slippery being trailed over her back and down to her hole, before the tip was placed right at the opening.

'Are you sure that this is what you want?' the low voice asked.

She nodded her head and braced herself, but nothing came, she pushed back to make it enter her, but it was moved away and a stinging slap hit her arse, all of a sudden she remembered her place

'Yes Master' she said and braced herself as the thing behind her began to put pressure on her small arsehole. she felt herself being opened more than she thought possible, then just as soon it was in. just as she started to relax, she felt pressure again and a second part of the thing began to open her up again, but this time it was bigger, she groaned as it was slowly eased into her hole, and then it slid in easily as her arse swallowed it...

read more
» Little Indiscretions -- an enticing blog
on a roll with the same theme...
we've been reading Little Indiscretions, and loving it
see for yourself: http://www.stockingaffair.com/journal1/
a hot recent posting:

Ass cherry is the best.

You get a guy in his 20’s horny enough and he’ll be into anything. The young ones have hard little asses, bony when you bend them over. Now with everyone being so metro you can even get them to shave their asses so everything is smooth and tight - for all you know they could be ballerinas taking it up the slim androgynous and smooth little butt.

It hardly takes any work. Wend a finger up there when they’re fucking you, just a fast poke when you’re on your back, the one good thing I can think of about missionary sex other than staring into pretty eyes. It affords you a nice unhindered pathway to just — stick — your indext finger into that tight man-ass when he’s on the verge. I’ve never had one just not lose his load right then, however much stamina he normally has.

And they’re not about stamina at this age. They’re up for it again in two minutes, and this time it’s no trouble at all to get them hooked on strap-ons. They’ll go from “I dunno…seems kind of gay” to begging to suck your cock in a week. One slim 5 incher to thread into their ass so sweetly, so gently and then watch them beg to be pounded, harder, more faster. It’s a slippery slope.

And how horny they are is on your side.
» another great blog
Formerly Rentboy Diaries, now MonMouth

"I want a vibe to stick up your arse," I said, and pulled out of her.

Lana grinned back at me and reached into the nether realms of her nightstand, pulling out a smooth, slim pointy vibe, around 6 inches long. Her pussy was so wet that I just slid the toy in and out of her a few times to make it wet before pushing it, buzzing on a low setting, against the tight muscle at the same time as I eased my cock back into her raised, open pussy.

It felt delicious, the buzzing vibe up her arse trailing along the top of my cock while I slid in and out of her tight, wet pussy. I savoured every move, holding back and relishing... And almost came when I felt another toy buzzing along the bottom of my cock, Lana rubbing this flat oval vibe over her clit - my cock touching it lightly on every stroke.

"Please put it in..." she muttered.

I knew what she meant, but it was too good to pass up: "Put what in where, my dear?"

"Aahh..." she pressed the vibe harder, pushing back against my cock and the vibe up her backside.

She sighed "My ass... Put your cock in my ass..."
» check out Lipstick Explosion
...He’d expressed a minor interest in anal play, and in that position, he really felt like getting something up-the-butt. I obliged, nice girl that I am.
I snapped on a latex glove and massaged him inside, until he was relaxed. I’d initially thought I’d use a wide-based butt plug, but he felt rather tight, so I used a four-inch anal dildo instead. I figured that, considering how tight he was, that he had not done much anal play in the past, so I forwent the strap-on, and just held the dildo. Once I got it inside of him–a tight fit–I gently and smoothly slid it in and out, in and out; I held it inside and pulsed. He just about went crazy. I could see his face in the mirror, red; his eyes were rolling back, and he was making gorgeous gasping sounds. I didn’t allow him to touch himself (I had a special plan for that that was not negotiable!), but after the anal fucking, he continued to quake, all over...

Yu get the idea. Check out her blog:
» watching
I watch her often -- and she loves gazing at me as I play as well. But only very rarely do I watch her to completion, usually when she gets to that edge I join and and bring her over it. This time, though, the dance of her fingers and the view convinced me to just talk her through it, allowing her to orgasm.Read more...Collapse ) Then it was my turn.
» continuation
I just can't get focused on work this morning, so back to the erotic reverie we began before his road trip... My achingly erect nipples give me an idea. Scooting down between your legs, I gently lift your knees a bit, then sink down. You inhale sharply, thinking that I am going down Read more...Collapse )
» Wild Asparagus

Perhaps cook these with some fresh morels, or will they overpower?
» mirror mirror on the wall
self-voyeur. Read more...Collapse ) Still turning yesterday's fantasy over in my mind, and this image seemed apt. Somehow.
» back in my hotel room
The first night here I finally returned to the hotel much too tired for anything beyond a quick shower and sleep. Yesterday was different though. It had been a scorching hot sunny day-- and starting in the late afternoon I began thinking about you. A coffee break at an outdoor cafe where a young woman repeatedly allowed glimpses up her skirt (blue striped bikini panties) fuelled desire. A few hours later, back in my air conditioned room I turned my thoughts back to you, remembering (not that I ever forgot!) the little lace treasure you had provided for my enjoyment. I laid it out carefully -- and, yes, I did check the bouquet! -- but wanted to work up to a fairly high level of excitement before incorporating the well-prepared panties into my masturbatory play. I started with some visual images on the laptop, sitting in only a tshirt at the cramped hotel room desk. Afetr a few minutes, taking in some shots from our last photo session and some other softer erotica, I lingered on this one Read more...Collapse )
» Continuation...
[I know my baby will read these lines tonight when he gets back to his hotel room]

Your man has joined you now, and you are both watching me at work...(Privately you had written: "I am curious what your hand was doing, and I ask you to move to the side so I can watch. You make things even sweeter by removing Read more...Collapse )
» slipping them off
Going away for a week, sigh. It is a long time for us to be apart. I'm slipping these into his suitcaseRead more...Collapse ) so he can think of me late at night in his hotel room. Maybe he'll even post from the road. (hint)
» Still Life

» tuft
What a cute and alluring tuft of hair!Read more...Collapse )
» and the word of the day...
is "pulchritude"... and of course an accompanying imageRead more...Collapse )
» trota bella nel mercato

» x
There's an armchair in our bedroom, comfortable and overstuffed, that I've pulled over to the foot of the bed. You're sitting there, a bit nervous, but watching intently as I go to work on him... Read more...Collapse )
» new toy
This is a new addition. We are still testing it out, but early reports are favorable.Read more...Collapse ) Do wish the little bullet vibe that is inside it was either a bit more powerful or located farther up toward the tip, that way it would really do a number on his prostate.
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