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Your cock twitches as I let you look at me. My nipples harden as you stare at me. I need to touch you again. I roll you on your stomach and place my palms on your thighs. I rub my hands all the way up and slowly down your back until I reach your ass. This time, I don't move away. I trail one finger underneath each cheek where your thighs end. I hear your breathing start to change, and I can't help but smile. My finger slides down to your inner thigh where I graze your balls. Your sharp intake of breath makes me shiver. I love turning you on like this.
I kneel between your legs, forcing you to spread them wider. Gorgeous. Now my whole hand can caress your balls because I love the way they feel. My left hand is rubbing your spine up and down. My right hand trails a path from your balls to the top of your ass. You're beginning to squirm on the bed, and I like it. I slowly slide a finger down your ass crack, pausing to feel how tight you are, and then move on. This teasing is driving you crazy. I can tell you want my finger inside you, and that knowledge makes me so wet. I begin massaging your ass with my hand and one finger slides between your cheeks. I can feel your tight hole, and I shiver. I remember what it feels like to fuck you with my finger, and I can't wait to do it again. But I go slow, building your anticipation. My finger circles around your hole as you push your ass toward me. I know what you want. I want it too, but I still make you wait. Your eyes are closed and your breathing is fast. You need me...I can feel it.

I stop rubbing your back with my left hand and put my middle finger in my mouth. My tongue swirls around it as I look at you. You look fantastic sprawled naked on my bed. I slide my finger out of my mouth and slide my finger just barely inside you and then stop. I love the way you push your ass against my finger. It just shows how much you want this. So I push again and feel my finger slide in a little further before I stop. I can hear you whimpering, so I ask if you're okay.

You moan my name and push your ass against my finger, hoping to take it all inside. I begin rubbing your ass with my hand as my finger begins slowly pushing into you. It's a steady rhythm and your hips match it. Suddenly you push against my finger and it slides inside you to the knuckle. The moan that escapes your lips is half ecstasy and half wanting. That was all I needed to hear. I roll you over to your side, keeping my finger inside you. I don't move my finger as I grab your cock with my other hand. My palm grazes the wet tip of your gorgeous cock. I take the come that's leaked out and spread it across the rest of your cock. You're moaning loudly now, and it just makes me hotter. I begin jacking you off slowly, never moving my finger in your ass. Your body is shaking and I can tell you can't take much more. I love pushing you to the edge and watching you.

I take my hand off your cock and you look at me. Your chest is heaving with each breath and your hips are still moving even though I'm not jacking you off. I reach between my legs as your eyes follow my hand. I'm so hot for you that my hand comes away soaking wet. Looking into your eyes, I place my hand back on your cock. I begin jacking you off again while your cock is covered with my silky wetness. Your eyes close again, and you can't stop moaning. My hand slides easily around your cock as my finger in your ass begins to fuck you in the same rhythm. You grab my arm, and your fingers dig into me. I love it. I want to make you come so hard.

"What's wrong?" I ask you.

Your body begins to shake. "Ohhhh god, I'm going to come."

I whisper one word to you, "Yes." My hands are stroking you, fucking you, and making you come. I stroke you until I feel your entire body collapse, even though you're already lying down.

I slide my finger out of you as I caress my breasts, smearing your come across me. Your hands reach up and help. My breathing is ragged. I love the way you touch me. Your fingers roll my nipple between them, and I can't help but moan. Your gather a drop of come on your finger to rub it across my nipple, but I grab you. I pull your hand toward my mouth and draw your finger inside my mouth. I've wanted to taste you too long to wait any longer.
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Date:October 8th, 2006 10:28 pm (UTC)
avoiding the subject matter for a moment, you're actually an engaging writer.
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Date:October 9th, 2006 07:38 am (UTC)
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