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Damp Silk

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» We are back...
 It has been a while, yes, a long while.  But stay tuned for some new postings.
» I'm not really sure this needs to be behind the cut
I'm not really sure this needs to be behind the cut...but it made me stop and pause. It is so alluring. Read more...Collapse ) What do others think?
» more of the traditional fetish image
could rub myself raw with these, not the picture you understand, the simple but well scented cotton things in my hand and on my faceRead more...Collapse )
» not usually a breast man, but...
This looked just too good to pass up Read more...Collapse )
» clean, simple, fresh

» who knows what these are?
» back!
mango, mustard seed, shallot salad
» oooh amy!

"I want you in my ass." I whispered but I didn't he heard me.

"What?" He heard me.

"Will you fuck my ass?"

He leaned over and kissed my the side of my neck. "Are you sure?"

After a few seconds I said, "There's lubrication in my bag"
Read more...Collapse )

» remembering summer
Sorry to have neglected our journal. Benn very busy. But here's one for now
Read more...Collapse )
» From the Lazy Geisha

You tell me to turn over and lift my ass. I do as I’m told, arching my back down low as I burry my head in the pillows and grab handfuls of sheets, lifting my ass high and parting my legs just enough to show you my swollen pussy and my tight pink asshole. The lube feels cold as you spread it over my skin and sink a finger into my ass. You push in deep, forcing the lube inside me until I’m slick and slippery. You tease my ass with your finger, stretching me open, getting me ready, Read more...Collapse )
» oh my
mmmmmm that's it my friend, lean forward with your forearms on the desk, your hungry ass in my face.....smiling as i hear your hand unbuckling your belt.....the metal clanking against the desk.....as both of my hands squeeze your ass through your pants....clutching each cheek through the fabric, squeezing, massaging as i moan softly.....sitting on the edge of your desk chair....listening as you unzip your pants.....one of my hands reaching between your legs and up.....pressing hard against your open fly.....feeling the soft fabric of your underwear.....your cock so hard....pinned up.....my hand pressing into it....wrapping around....squeezing, then tracing up and down along the length of it....finding your knob....hand wrapping around it pulling it out with your boxers and squeezing....ooohhh babyyyy....you're so hard....a bit a pre-cum has soaked through.....my finger pushing into the wet spot....rubbing your cockhole.....pressing in.....then dragging my hand back down.....rubbing it over your balls that are still tucked inside of your pants....those need to come off.....Read more...Collapse )
» more...
Your cock twitches as I let you look at me. My nipples harden as you stare at me. I need to touch you again. I roll you on your stomach and place my palms on your thighs. I rub my hands all the way up and slowly down your back until I reach your ass. This time, I don't move away. I trail one finger underneath each cheek where your thighs end. I hear your breathing start to change, and I can't help but smile. My finger slides down to your inner thigh where I graze your balls. Your sharp intake of breath makes me shiver. I love turning you on like this.
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» Aliza's hot
She's posted some dynamite shots of herself:

» for my friend (you know who you are)
My husband has a secret fantasy life. I’m absolutely serious. Oh, I know what you’re thinking. Doesn’t every man? Don’t all men want us to be maids in the home, chefs in the kitchen, accountants with the checkbook and whores in the bedroom? Don’t all men fantasize daily about various sorts of interesting sexual things? Yes. Of course they do. But for me, this fantasy was a bit different. Because this one involved . . . the ass.

My husband has had my ass in every way imaginable. He has touched, stroked and caressed, pinched, spanked and paddled, teased, toyed and tongued, poked, prodded and probed and quite frankly royally fucked that object of his obsession. He has taken me, and my ass, to new heights of delight. If my ample cheeks were the focus of his interest, it was certainly fine with me. But, as I soon discovered, it wasn’t my ass he was interested in. It was his own!

I discovered this accidentally one evening. I was reading emails, deleting junk, and catching up with private messages. Unexpectedly I accessed a secret account; apparently he’d forgotten to log out after he checked his own mailbox. I found several messages from ladies he’d recently chatted with. They discussed their talks in intimate detail, very sexually explicit. We both enjoy sexy chat, so that didn’t concern me, but the topic was a bit startling, and it both shocked and aroused me. My man, tall and large, mustached and muscular, wanted to be fucked in his ass. Read more...Collapse )
» another kind of end of summer bounty

» hanging oh so perfectly
Thanks to an anonymous fan who sent this delectable image to us as a gift Read more...Collapse ) Hope he sends more!
» Monmout with a great one...

Please give it to me... put it in."

I told her to bend over the back of the sofa while I undid the pink ribbon around the plug (having already washed it before gift-wrapping at home). Lube and toy in hand I took up position again behind Betty, now comfortably leaning over with her hands on the cusions.

I smeared some lube on the puckered opening of her ass, and buried my cock again in the wet depths of her pussy. Betty pressed back against me, driving herself onto my hard shaft, and I slid my thumb experimentally into the lubricated tightness. She let out a deep groan.

"Fuck..." she muttered, and I pulled my thumb out to reach for the plug. Teasing her, I slid it down the slippery crack of her ass, down to the waiting anus, and began to massage her with it, gently. With one hand on her hip, I kept her still, just the tip of my cock still inside her, and pressed the tapered smoothness of the buttplug against the resisting muscle.

"Open up," I purred... [and it goes on. nice, very nice]

» As summer comes to a close...
As summer fades out, what better moment to post a photographic ode to the summer dress. NWS of course.
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» nice post for journey into submission

The first and second balls were smaller than the circumference of his finger so they fit nicely into my well-lubed hole. I reveled in the ultra smoothness and firmness of the tool as it pressed against my flesh. Then came the third ball. It too was easily welcomed and added to my pleasure. I liked the pressure of the toy against my tight hole and the feel of Owen's tongue lapping around it. He started pushing the fourth ball in at the same time he intensified the pressure on my clit. I was in seventh heaven...

» nice entry from sexy uk girl

He had reached round and was fingering my ass as I rode him. I was on the plateau of pleasure, just before climax. I think I take longer to cum because I just love staying at that place so much.

“I want you to fuck my ass.” I said jumping off him. I spun round onto my knees, doggie position. I lubed the condom on his cock and my ass. He knelt behind me and gently pressed his huge head onto my tight ass. I played with my clit, fingering my pussy. At first I could feel myself resisting, then I relaxed my mind. I imagined my ass eating his cock and I could feel it sliding easily into me.

When it comes to anal sex, for me the perfect penetration is three stages.

Stage 1 – Head pressed slowly all the way in. Wait to allow ass to get used to the cock, relax and accept.

Stage 2 – Then I like the cock pressed all the way in, the full length. I want to feel those testicles bouncing gently on my warm wet pussy.

Stage 3 – Fuck my ass like there’s no tomorrow, sure slow and gently can be good too but I like it hard and fast as well, mix it up.

The only problem I’ve been having is that I cum very easily with anal sex and then usually I’m too sensitive too continue, it hurts to go on. This time I was able to keep going. I think partly because this guy actually cared and he was sensitive to how I was feeling, or maybe he was just experienced. He took it easy for a few strokes and then I was ready for more. This is the difference between experience and inexperience. An inexperienced guy, sensing that the girl has cum and that she might want to stop will sometimes pump even harder and faster to try and cum before she makes him stop, thus a bad cycle begins. You see what I mean?

I felt him cum in my ass (in the condom duh) but I love that feeling, the warmth and pressure, amazing. I’ve never had someone cumin my ass without a condom. One day, something to save for someone special hey!

It was a very fun afternoon playing. I’m now able to edit/post new pics. I took these last night, hence the weird lighting. This is what I am wearing out to a fetish night club tonight, how many numbers do you think I’ll get?

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